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As we are always trying to improve our services, before closing/cancelling your order , please select the following or write a comment below. Thank you.

No Paypal. Closing order because I do not have a Paypal account or do not want to open an account.
+Solution: Please note we also accept payment through normally needs 2 days advanced ordering but please contact us as we can approve it for immediate payment.

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Problem Paying. Closing order because I'm having problems making payment on the website.
+Solution: Please note we may be able to provide you with our affiliate's bank or Western Union account. Please contact Customer Care.

Price. Closing order due to the price.

+Solution: Please contact
Customer Care with your budget and we will try our best to help!
For some areas we may also accept bank transfers and Western Union. Please contact us and let us know your location if you would like to try these options.

Another order open. Closing order because I made another order.

Delivery date issue.

Delivery issue.

Closing order due to already ordering from another website.

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